[Noisebridge-discuss] LED Effects needed tonite at NB

Dana dana-lists at sonic.net
Sat Aug 10 15:37:43 UTC 2013

I was planning to bring some LED strip and LED 100 modules (like this: 
https://www.adafruit.com/products/683) for the party. The squares are 
very bright, make a ~5ft (1.5m) square, are controlled via Raspberry Pi 
& Pixel Controller (http://pixelinvaders.ch/?page_id=160)

I need help hanging them. If you're around this afternoon, have ideas or 
want to help with this effort that'd be really excellent.

If you want to control them during the party: download the above 
software and I can send you a config file once we figure out the Pi's 
address on Noisebridge's network. If you've got an alternative 
controller or sketch ---- Arduino, Teensy, PixelPusher etc we can try 
that too!

- dana

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