[Noisebridge-discuss] today's noon sleephackers

Christopher Whipple crw at crwbot.com
Sat Aug 10 19:51:10 UTC 2013

I just discovered this on the wiki yesterday, it looks like a great


Kudos to those who contributed to it: Dr. Jesus, Leks, Eric Vinyl, Dana.

On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 12:15 PM, Bill Gag <billgag11 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Unapologetically going to throw in my name as one of the people sleeping
> on the hacker stackers (middle bunk) shit like this normally goes over
> peoples heads, but since this was in the afternoon I can see why people
> more sensitive to sleepers in the space would be at picture taking level. I
> get my shit done at NB when I need to but for the record, my friend and I
> had been sleeping in parks, and in fact where sleeping on mission's actual
> street for most of the night before to avoid making NB into the designated
> "sleep spot"
> I think that my need to keep from sleeping on the street here and there
> might be a bigger deal than the in-limbo rules surrounding anything at NB,
> but I am open to the criticisms of hackers who have money that they earned
> through being raised without severe, mentally disabling abuse or not being
> born with a mental disorder that gets it the way of everyday social life
> and kills your work value and puts you at the utter dependence of finding
> resources vs earning them through jobs.
> But for real im only being catty because I know how the drama on this can
> get and I know how absurd it is. There is a mountain of drama behind this
> Ive seen here for the past year, its a bag of mixed nuts all of this...
> shitty...shitty nuts.
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