[Noisebridge-discuss] CAD workshop

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Mon Dec 2 21:24:03 UTC 2013

On Sun, Dec 01, 2013 at 07:35:17PM -0800, Yoav Ben-Haim wrote:
> I'm a mechanical engineer with a good amount of CAD experience and I'd like
> to start teaching a CAD workshop at noisebridge.   Considering 3D printing
> is pretty much mainstream, it would be great to teach people some CAD
> basics to make their own models.  So I need a few things:
> 1) First off I'd like to gauge interest level in something like this, and
> within the people who are interested what the current skill level is (no
> experience is fine!  the more the merrier)
> 2) Who I should talk to in terms of securing space and how often it would
> be OK to do something like this.
> 3) If there are any members who are currently teaching other classes so I
> can pick their brains a bit about the structure.

This sounds awesome!  The 3D printer group meets pretty often on, IIRC,

What software do you (1) use, (2) recommend for beginners, (3) know
about enough to demonstrate?


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