[Noisebridge-discuss] Wet white paint at the space

Norman Bradley pryankster at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 19:25:37 UTC 2013

It is part of human nature is that if you tell people that it is 93 
million miles between the Earth and the Sun everybody will believe you, 
BUT, if you put up a sign saying "Wet Paint" people will want to test it.

You are entitled to your own opinion.
You are NOT entitled to your own facts.


On 12/1/2013 12:58 PM, Al Sweigart wrote:
> I've painted over a bunch of the graffiti at the space. I've put up 
> signs over the painted areas that are where people might touch them. 
> They should be dry in a few hours.
> I'd like to raise money to give the Church and Turing classrooms a 
> couple fresh coats.I'll bring it up at the meeting.
> -Al
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