[Noisebridge-discuss] Wording changes to consensus items will postpone the consensus decision by a week.

Al Sweigart asweigart at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 20:46:37 UTC 2013

We talked about this at the previous couple of meetings, but I've written
it down on the Current Consensus Items wiki page:


Here's the text. Feel free to comment.

In order to validly pass the consensus process, proposed consensus items
will be written down on the Current Consensus Items wiki page the day of
the meeting they are introduced. Only this exact wording of the proposed
consensus item can be consensed on at the next week's meeting. Any change,
even small ones, to the wording will be considered a different and new
consensus proposal and will require another week before it can be consensed
on. The spirit of this proposal is to prevent changes (small or radical) to
consensus items being made and consensed on without notice to the larger

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