[Noisebridge-discuss] FW: Press request - Brazilian newspaper

Felipe Sanches juca at members.fsf.org
Fri Dec 6 12:00:16 UTC 2013

It would be cool if they talked to the people who are actually running
the brazilian hackerspaces :-P
Tell her to not forget to interview members at Garoa Hacker Clube, in São Paulo.

On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 8:28 PM, Mitch Altman <maltman23 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I spoke with Silvia briefly.  She would like to do a story on the
> hackerspace movement, which, along with the rest of the world, has been
> spreading through Brazil.  She'll be at Noisebridge tomorrow (Friday),
> asking people if they would like to speak with her.
> Best,
> Mitch.
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> Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2013 10:36:53 -0800
> Subject: Press request - Brazilian newspaper
> From: silvianoara at gmail.com
> To: press at noisebridge.net
> Hi all,
> I'm journalist and work for 'Folha de S. Paulo' (www.folha.com.br), the
> biggest newspaper in Brazil, as a foreign correspondent in San Francisco.
> I'm writing a story on Noisebridge and people who actively work on this
> hackerspace. This piece's purpose is to show Brazilian audience how this
> sort of community works, takes benefit from a collaborative and anarchic
> system and, therefore, provides opportunity for people to learn and work on
> whay they love. I'm trying to set up a call with Mitch to talk about
> specific questions, but I'll be visiting Noisebridge tomorrow to talk to
> people and to see how things work out there. I'll be more than happy to meet
> any of you there. It would be great to meet active members and people who
> have joined the community since it started.
> I'm planning to show up around 2pm.
> Thank you!
> Silvia
> Silvia Noara Paladino
> Freelance writer and journalist
> Skype: silvia.noara
> Blog: www.sfopenlab.wordpress.com
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> be, then we make him capable of becoming what he can be” – Goethe
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