[Noisebridge-discuss] hey why don't you go to oakland art murmur tonight + stop by sudoroom?

Romy Ilano romy at snowyla.com
Sat Dec 7 00:23:10 UTC 2013

Hey noisebridgers

are any of you going to oakland art murmur tonight?

if so, could you take field notes and tell me what you think about

- discoverability of our sister hackerspace sudoroom in oakland?
- how to get more people to physically go to sudoroom?
- what kinds of noisebridge projects you'd like to showcase in sudoroom?
- any ideas for a post oakland art murmur "after party" after art murmur
shuts down at 10pm?

If you are going, could you send notes to me or the list.. there is also a
wiki on sudoroom for oakland art murmur

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