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Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 02:20:36 UTC 2013

Hi Y'alls

Mitchel McAllister xonimmortal at yahoo.com:
"Hitting reset doesn't fix a problem. It simply clears it out of the 
recent history in hopes that it won't happen again."
~Johny Radio: True nuff. It takes core changes, which takes thoughtful 
planning and organized implementation.

Ronald Cotoni setient at gmail.com:
"problems that we have documented in our fancy meeting notes since the 
beginning of noisebridge"
~JR: Nuff said.

LinkReincarnate linkreincarnate at gmail.com:
"[NB Reboot seems] more about kicking out certain classes of people"
~JR: Yes, Link-- the non-hacker class. But if you mean the poor, i'm one 
of 'em. I cannot afford a NB membership. I've spent up my savings 
teaching boombox electronics to at-risk youths in a ghetto 
(bayviewboom.org). I donate $10/month to NB. You're right, Link-- for 
those two weeks, non-hackers who practically live at NB would have to 
find alternatives. Maybe they could stay at your house, leave a mess in 
your kitchen, and shootup in your bathroom?

Andrew Byrne andrew at pachakutech.com:
"-Hacker Hosts at the entrance √ -Orientation process √ ...cells are 
based on stochastic processes, yet have order within them...the problem 
is not with order, but with the Cheif."
~JR: Dr. Dru, I really enjoyed your pedantry. To paraphrase, if i may: 
You support Hacker-Hosts and Orientation. Everything else is God's 
fault. True, Dru, biological structure results from stochasticism, but 
that takes eons. Are we prepared to wait eons for NB to evolve?

Dan Cote terminationshok at gmail.com:
"I will begin mentoring new people in a more formal way, and hope it 
catches on. "
~JR: Wishful thinking has been tried, Dan. So far, It does not appear to 
create culture. Jake suggested we interview people at the door. I was 
treated to a 5-minute grilling one time, which was awesome. But it 
didn't catch on. I labeled an electronics shelf "Audio", and stocked it 
with amps, speakers, and audio chips. The next day it was loaded with 
hard disks. A month later, everything was all over the floor. Setting 
examples doesn't seem to work. Dan, it's cool that you're going to give 
more formal mentoring; meanwhile, somebody else might say, "hi, welcome 
to noisebridge, wanna huff some whippets!?" Orientations should be a 
consistent, scripted thing. Hoping for the best is a fantasy. Fascism 
results from repressive, opaque power structures, not organized 

Praveen Sinha dmhomee at gmail.com
"Urban libraries throughout history are famous for doubling as safe 
spaces for outcasts. ...how to build win-win-win solutions for everyone 
is a trickier issue"
~JR: My suggestion is to expect non-hackers to do the stuff NB cannot 
afford to pay anyone to do: Hacker Hosts, cleaning, keeping shelves 
organized, cooking for hackers, etc. The best of them already do that 
anyway. Yes, i used the word "expect", which entails accountability. 
Like, scheduled shifts. Also, perhaps NB could EXPAND it's outreach to 
disenfranchised people-- HACKING outreach.


Johny Radio
Stick It In Your Ear!

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