[Noisebridge-discuss] Who will fix the noisebridge RFID reader?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Jun 4 09:36:51 UTC 2013

I think now is a great time to finish the project of installing RFID tags 
at noisebridge.


This RFID reader is installed near the entry door of Noisebridge (at the 
top of the stairs).  If it can be made to work properly, we can put RFID 
tags in any items we want (private or public) and program our computer 
systems to react if and when those items go near or through the door (or 
elevator room).  This could be useful in deterring or preventing theft, so 
that Noisebridge CAN Have Nice Things.

the RFID tags themselves are 7.4 cents each and have a 32-bit unique 
serial number, and user-settable other data.

We just need to get the reader to TELL US the fucking serial number of the 
tags instead of reporting the same string of data for every tag it 
detects.  The rest will be easy and fun.

I am hoping that in this Noisebridge Rebase we will fix one of the biggest 
problems with Noisebridge right now - lack of decent tool inventory.  The 
only way we can expect this to stay that way for long will be to tag tools 
with RFID tags, so that if someone tries to exit Noisebridge with 
something, everyone in the space is immediately alerted to the fact and 
the items can be recovered, and the attemped theif deleted.

We Can Have Nice Things.  but we need to work for them, by getting this 
RFID reader to work properly.

Brandon started the project awhile ago, by reading the CHUMP manual and 
writing some C code.  It should be done in Python.  Basically, read the 
serial port (on minotaur) and ignore when it repeats itself.  Send CHUMP 
commands and see if you can get it to tell you the serial number of the 
RFID tag that's taped to it.

If you look at the serial port now you will just see the same line 
repeating over and over.  It does not contain the data we're looking for. 
If i take a different tag over there (instead of the one that's there) it 
says the same thing.  Not very useful.  We need to know WHAT is passing 
through the door in order to know what to do about it.


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