[Noisebridge-discuss] Thoughts on establishing commitment to NB

Eric W. Rasmussen ewr at majortek.com
Tue Jun 4 10:03:46 UTC 2013


I stopped by last week and noticed that my Money Box locks have been 

The donation box that I built for the t-shirts remains, but the 
cable/lock is gone.

I made a lock and cable for the front door donation box.  The cable has 
been cut. The box has been broken because no one has the keys for the 
lock. I tried to give Danny the keys to the boxes last year but he 
wouldn't accept them. I tried to give the keys to Snail (President) but 
she looked at me like I was an inconvenience.

Knowing this, it would not be difficult to walk in and walk out with a 
donation box.


On 06/04/2013 02:21 AM, Jake wrote:
> LOL!  Patrick do you not realize that the most commonly stolen item at 
> noisebridge are the "free" t-shirts?
> I regularly see people on the street or sleeping at noisebridge 
> (apparently homeless) who ditched their previous dirty shirt to change 
> into a nice clean Noisebridge t-shirt.
> As if that weren't bad enough, i KNOW people steal money from both the 
> t-shirt donation box and the noisebridge donation box.  We don't empty 
> them nearly often enough and really, it's pretty pathetic how poor our 
> cashbox security is considering we're supposed to be hackers.
> -jake
> Patrick Lake wrote:
> Hi list,
> It's been quite a while since I've posted or spent much time at the 
> place, but I lurk.  Please let me suggest 2 modest possibilities to 
> help your problem of establishing who's excellent and who isn't.
> 1. Time cards? ID's?  No, T-shirts.  Wear your Noisebridge shirt. 
> Those without shirts may be asked to leave as non-members or buy a 
> shirt.  Those who can't cooperate or remember to wear with each visit, 
> may not be there for hack-related work.  It's the easiest possible ID 
> I could possibly think of.  Allow 1 free visit, and ask them to buy a 
> shirt on the way out if they want to return. Shirts are cheap, even a 
> $15 threshold for entry is close to nothing. For the very indigent who 
> show commitment to the place, let them benefit from generosity of 
> donations to some small fund.
> 2.  Chore list.  Ask visitors to do 1 chore per visit if they're 
> staying more than a few hours. Have them sign the list or get it 
> verified by a member.  Very easy stuff- take out 1 trash can, 
> whatever.  Maybe put values on them, like, cleaning the bathroom earns 
> a week of visits.
> Perhaps these could make easy reasons to kick out non-cooperators, 
> besides fighting or doing drugs.  If a visitor refuses to do simple 
> stuff like that, they may be up to no good.
> - Pat
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