[Noisebridge-discuss] Anarchy in Action

Garrett Smith dhtmlkitchen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 15:32:37 UTC 2013

There is a movement to keep the former hayes valley farm location going.

The background is that HVF was formerly going to be a freeway ramp. In
2009, the SF permaculture guild, a city funded*? organization, AIUI,
and created the temporary HVF, a 2+ acre permaculture food forest, in
conjunction with, and AIUI, funded by the city (though its founders
deny this).

HVF was slated to be temporary from the getgo. The permaculture SF
folks packed up and moved on on June 1, leaving the great space for
HVF to be plowed over for condos and a housing project in its place.
There was probably some sort of backroom deal and maybe a meeting that
wasn't announced or voted on publicly.

Now Liberate the Land is trying to reclaim the location and utilize it
in an egalitarian way involving the neighbors. I'm not so sure about
how this'll pan out and I don't know much about these people. I do
know that they're asking for more city funding, which certainly ain't
anarchist. And I suspect it'll end with tree sitters and protesters
arrested. The idea is to keep this space free and open, and to address
the problems with HVF**.

How they can they improve their chance of defining and achieving
success? I'm not sure anyone has the answer, but I think it should be
by consensus and with the wherewithal to follow through with
whatever's agreed upon.

* City funding comes from hotel & payroll tax and from and federal
government. Bay area councils of governments (COGs), which can be
trickled down from larger COGs work together to carry out larger

** HVF was open consistently for two days per week, and so not the
friendly open space that neighbors wanted. It was cluttered and not
that productive, foodwise.

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