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Andrew Byrne andrew at pachakutech.com
Mon Jun 3 09:11:34 UTC 2013

Not a Doctor; 39 on the MCAT doesn't qualify one for the JHU MD/PhD
program... Don't forget: all pain comes from desire.

And that mission statement is, as required, reflected in the articles of
incorporation, attached. The front page of the wiki summaries it:
"Noisebridge is an infrastructure provider for technical-creative projects,
collaboratively run by its members"

Also, the disenfranchisement of a class is not disproven by its avocation
by individual members of said class. See: Herman Cain, Daniel Blatt, and

Doc dru.
 On Jun 1, 2013 7:20 PM, "Johny Radio" <johnyradio at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Y'alls
> Mitchel McAllister xonimmortal at yahoo.com:
> "Hitting reset doesn't fix a problem. It simply clears it out of the
> recent history in hopes that it won't happen again."
> ~Johny Radio: True nuff. It takes core changes, which takes thoughtful
> planning and organized implementation.
> Ronald Cotoni setient at gmail.com:
> "problems that we have documented in our fancy meeting notes since the
> beginning of noisebridge"
> ~JR: Nuff said.
> LinkReincarnate linkreincarnate at gmail.com:
> "[NB Reboot seems] more about kicking out certain classes of people"
> ~JR: Yes, Link-- the non-hacker class. But if you mean the poor, i'm one
> of 'em. I cannot afford a NB membership. I've spent up my savings teaching
> boombox electronics to at-risk youths in a ghetto (bayviewboom.org). I
> donate $10/month to NB. You're right, Link-- for those two weeks,
> non-hackers who practically live at NB would have to find alternatives.
> Maybe they could stay at your house, leave a mess in your kitchen, and
> shootup in your bathroom?
> Andrew Byrne andrew at pachakutech.com:
> "-Hacker Hosts at the entrance √ -Orientation process √ ...cells are based
> on stochastic processes, yet have order within them...the problem is not
> with order, but with the Cheif."
> ~JR: Dr. Dru, I really enjoyed your pedantry. To paraphrase, if i may: You
> support Hacker-Hosts and Orientation. Everything else is God's fault. True,
> Dru, biological structure results from stochasticism, but that takes eons.
> Are we prepared to wait eons for NB to evolve?
> Dan Cote terminationshok at gmail.com:
> "I will begin mentoring new people in a more formal way, and hope it
> catches on. "
> ~JR: Wishful thinking has been tried, Dan. So far, It does not appear to
> create culture. Jake suggested we interview people at the door. I was
> treated to a 5-minute grilling one time, which was awesome. But it didn't
> catch on. I labeled an electronics shelf "Audio", and stocked it with amps,
> speakers, and audio chips. The next day it was loaded with hard disks. A
> month later, everything was all over the floor. Setting examples doesn't
> seem to work. Dan, it's cool that you're going to give more formal
> mentoring; meanwhile, somebody else might say, "hi, welcome to noisebridge,
> wanna huff some whippets!?" Orientations should be a consistent, scripted
> thing. Hoping for the best is a fantasy. Fascism results from repressive,
> opaque power structures, not organized infrastructure.
> Praveen Sinha dmhomee at gmail.com
> "Urban libraries throughout history are famous for doubling as safe spaces
> for outcasts. ...how to build win-win-win solutions for everyone is a
> trickier issue"
> ~JR: My suggestion is to expect non-hackers to do the stuff NB cannot
> afford to pay anyone to do: Hacker Hosts, cleaning, keeping shelves
> organized, cooking for hackers, etc. The best of them already do that
> anyway. Yes, i used the word "expect", which entails accountability. Like,
> scheduled shifts. Also, perhaps NB could EXPAND it's outreach to
> disenfranchised people-- HACKING outreach.
> --
> Johny Radio
> Stick It In Your Ear!
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