[Noisebridge-discuss] Solve the money problem, the transient problem and the too-much-stuff problem at the same time

rhodey rhodey at anhonesteffort.org
Thu Jun 6 00:22:36 UTC 2013

Turning Noisebridge into a manufacturing facility could certainly help
busy "idle hands" and provide another source of income :D

But manufacturing facilities are usually lame and (in my experience) not
conducive to hacking D:

Someone coming into the space with the intention of being told what to
do with their time sounds very much like an employee, which means there
must be a boss of sorts, which is always lame -__-

-- rhodey

On 06/05/2013 10:09 AM, Robert "Finny" Merrill wrote:
> Three observations:
> 1. The component racks are crazy-full of stuff nobody uses
> 2. There are people who sit around noisebridge with nothing to do and
> people don't like this
> 3. Noisebridge is strapped for cash
> SOLUTION: Devise something useful/shiny that can be built mostly or
> entirely with the rarely-used components, have the idle hands assemble
> them, then sell them for the benefit of the space.
> For example: Something which requires a lot of resistors but is fairly
> flexible on what value resistor you use. Like something with a lot of
> LEDs on it.
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