[Noisebridge-discuss] Thoughts on establishing commitment to NB

Eric W. Rasmussen ewr at majortek.com
Fri Jun 7 04:14:16 UTC 2013

You're the first person that has acknowledged my efforts. Thank you.

The box needs to be metal, yet transparent.  At this time I'm thinking 
along the lines of those square mesh panels that snap together at the 
corners with plastic fasteners. I have no idea what they are called but 
there was a cubby hole/shelving system made with them near the Dirty 
Room.  Instead of using the plastic fasteners, use zip-ties. Fasten the 
top front with a lock. The zip-ties on the top rear will allow it to 
"hinge" when opened. Cut some clear plastic and line the inside so that 
the money doesn't fall through the holes. Next, fasten the box with a 
thicker cable that is difficult to cut. One can be custom made at Cole 
Hardware for about $8.

Again, this is just a general idea. It can be made with materials 
already present in the space (except the cable).

On 06/06/2013 01:33 PM, Tom Lowenthal wrote:
>> I made a lock and cable for the front door donation box.  The cable has
>> been cut. The box has been broken because no one has the keys for the
>> lock. I tried to give Danny the keys to the boxes last year but he
>> wouldn't accept them. I tried to give the keys to Snail (President) but
>> she looked at me like I was an inconvenience.
> Hi Eric,
> I really appreciated your effort to secure the donation bins; thank
> you very much for doing that. I have the keys to both of the locks,
> and I collect from them (albeit slightly less frequently than would
> probably be optimal). That's not why things are broken.
> The orange box was broken one evening -- while I looked on in horror
> -- by someone who then snatched a handfull of cash and bolted. I don't
> think they even saw that I was there. Sadly I did not exit the shop
> swiftly enough to engage them in productive mediated dialogue. =[
> I'd really like it if we had a donation box which was cabled to the
> pillar and durable-enough to prevent it from being emptied over the
> course of five minutes. I know that the presence of the dirty shop
> makes any box defeatable, given time and effort; I'd just prefer that
> time to be slightly longer, and that effort to be loud and noticeable.
> I don't really know what to look for in such a contraption but if you
> could recommend a make/model, I'd happily acquire and donate it to
> Noisebridge. If anyone else wants to help fund a more secure cash box,
> please let me know how much you can pledge (off-list please).
> Thanks,
> -Tom

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