[Noisebridge-discuss] [dorkbotsf-blabber] IP assignment - personal or corporate?

Edwin P. Berlin, Jr. eberlin at lightsailenergy.com
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It depends on your relationship with your company.
If you own much of the company and are looking for funding,
investors will want to see IP in the company.  If you invented the
subject matter as an individual, you own the patent, and should assign
rights to the company in exchange for something tangible (stock shares
or $1 are typical).

Once companies are funded they typically have a requirement that all 
must assign rights to IP invented for the company.

If you can and want to retain ownership of the patent personally, think 
about how
you would make money with it under that scenario.  That typically means 
another company, assigning the IP to it, etc.


On 6/7/2013 11:15 AM, Anders Nelson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I submitted a provisional patent application a few weeks ago and now I 
> have to decide if I want it assigned to me personally or to my 
> company. Does anyone have experience with this? My instinct is to 
> assign it to myself, but I hear it's common for investors and other 
> interested parties to desire any IP be associated to the corporate 
> entity. What should I doooooo?
> I await your infallible wisdom!
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