[Noisebridge-discuss] Door broken ?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri Mar 1 06:23:16 UTC 2013

if the corner of the door is rubbing on the frame, it sounds like the 
hinges might be wearing out, or perhaps they are not attached tightly to 
the door.

filing down the door (more like power-grinding it) is an option but it's 
kindof a last resort.  Also we would need to ask the landlord before doing 
something like that.

i'm guessing the hinge screws need tightening.


Robert Benson wrote:
more on the door: the actuator was sticking (oil fixed it) and the gate
door is beginning to rub/get-hung-up on the gate jam at the top. not sure
how to adjust the gate alignment...may need to file upper gate corner.

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