[Noisebridge-discuss] Set the date for a Noisebridge Fundraiser

James Sundquist sundquistjames at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 19:14:23 UTC 2013

A simple affair with art for sale, or a splendid gala event with
performances, bands, food, and an art auction.

Date is tentative for sometime around April.  Do we want to do March 29th,
a Friday, for the fundraiser or April 26th, a Friday?  My personal opinion
is to get quieter bands with homemade instruments into the space.  So far
we can basically confirm March 29th for Dubious Ranger, Dwayne's Band, Carl
& Beatrice; this puts the emphasis on homemade instruments, avoids using an
outside venue, and keeps things at Noisebridge.  I also suggest reaching
out to Vegan Hackers, 5moF, Noise Jam, and any other groups that represent
highlights of the space.  We should have foot, art, music, the whole deal.

DanF has multiple paintings ready to auction.
James has six bands ready to play March 29th or 30th.  2 loud punk groups,
2 not-very-loud bands with homemade instruments, 2 acoustic bands.
Someone should reach out to Noisejam (done), Vegan Hackers, 5moF, Circuit
Hacking Mondays (done), and any other group you think would be cool.

I've CC'ed Stan the Organizer, band members, Mitch @ Circuit Hacking
Mondays, Johny @ Noise Jam
This e-mail references the wiki (Art) section for the event planning,
previous discussion threads in February, and was mentioned at the
Noisebridge meeting (but no one wrote it down).  Do *not* e-mail me
personally; let's keep this on discuss where it belongs.
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