[Noisebridge-discuss] Flash Mob Seeks Performers this Sunday

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Sat Mar 2 20:07:54 UTC 2013

Hi Noisebridgers

Check it out:

*Date? *Sunday, March 3rd.
Location? *Meet at  West entrance to "Heart of the City Farmers Market", 
Fulton and Hyde
Cause? *"In celebration and joy we gather to imagine the future we want 
to live in..."
Description? *Join in the spontaneous celebration, a tribute to the future.
Time? *11:00am
Need? *musicians, street performers, actors, and especially *handcrafted 
Music? *The musicians can play anything they want, hopefully not 'just 
noise' but that would probably be fine too. There is a separate part 
that is orchestrated and composed that will be brought in and then out 
during a brief mob within the mob.
Co**ntact? *
Chloë Foray
49 Farms
Program Administrator
chloe at 49farms.org

The intention of this Flash Mob is a brief, but amazing, orchestrated 
event celebrating a joyful future that we are building as Urban Farmers 
with 49 Farms and all of our partners. It is indeed the weekend that 
half of Hayes Valley Farm is being shut down, and we are celebrating the 
joyful creation of so many other farms, legacy projects and cultural 
transformations that have occurred in its short time in SF. There will 
be cameras capturing the event and a group of actors/tourists performing 
as if it they are time travelers from the future and are helping us 
realize the positive world we are trying to build. The whole thing will 
be less than 30 minutes, starting shortly after 11am.

Jay Rosenberg, Director of Hayes Valley Farm, will be at the location 
specified and will guide the movement of people and other orchestrated 
pieces including folks like yourself who are interested in joining in 
the fun.

You are invited to join in the celebration, to play your part or 
instrument, or just witness it.

After the event, many participants going to Hayes Valley Farm for the 
volunteer day, 12-5pm. It is optional, recommended, and amazing, but not 
at officially affiliated with the event in any way.

Johny Radio
"Stick It In Your Ear!"
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