[Noisebridge-discuss] need help with a woodworking project please!

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri Mar 8 19:43:25 UTC 2013

seriously - no picture?  that page has instructions but no picture!?

not one picture of the thing but ten steps to follow?  I can't believe it. 
what am i doing wrong?

okay i googled it, apparently a T-stool is a flat disc of wood for the kid 
to sit on, with a single post leg like the bottom of a crutch, so its 
height is adjustable.


Alison wrote:
My name is Alisun, I discovered noisebridge when I came to vegan hackers, 
and it is awesome! I'm a single mom who's (13 year old) son has a sensory 
processing disorder. He really needs a T-stool for school but they are 
super-expensive and I don't trust that with my own novice woodworking 
status alone I could make one that is safe for him.
Is there anyone that could/ would like to/ be willing to help he and I 
make one, perhaps this weekend?
Muchas gracias,
p.s. this is what I'm talking about: 

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