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Fri Mar 8 23:34:44 UTC 2013

^ +1 justin...

^  1st off, a blanket vague e-mail to the discuss list asking people (who
were not involved in whatever this is) to accost someone in the space and
try and tell them to leave without any documentation of an incident <in the
space> or what the fuck it's about composed by someone who by appearances
wasn't even involved in an incident with the subject(person) of the mail???

^ and by someone whom isn't in charge of anyone or anything?

^ wot?

^ so; now in just the last month,
a) people have been harassed and told the police would be called on them
whom were minding their own business and participating positively in an
event at NB.

b) someone else asked people to summon another person to a meeting to be
asked to leave the space permanently WITHOUT said requester even attending
the meeting,

c) people have been going around the space whom are in charge of NOTHING
'trying' to tell people what to do.


^ no idea what the incident is/was (if any) but this is being handled

anyone that may be new to the space or a vet just mis-informed or confused,
PLEASE ask more than one person in the space about something you want to
know and remember NB is an open community and your voice is just as
important as any other.

quoting an excellent veteran member from another incident:

>with respect to the hope that such discussion would
>tend to educate the community that
>* members have no privileges over non-members
>* we each must treat all others excellently
>* there are no sanctioned activities that trump other activities
>* that a group of people place demands on others is unacceptable
>  in this doocratic, consensus-oriented community.

message ends

On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 11:24 PM, Danny O'Brien <danny at spesh.com> wrote:

> So could anyone who sees Shawn L. (picture here:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:User_shawnl.jpg  ) ask him to
> leave the space, and come to the next Noisebridge meeting? Preferably
> a little bit earlier than 8PM, maybe 7PM, so we can speak before the
> meeting?
> If Shawn doesn't leave or has any questions, I'm emailable at
> danny at spesh.com.. Feel free to tell him I can meet up and discuss the
> matter with him.
> d.
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