[Noisebridge-discuss] Looking for best home wifi router and open source firmware

Lee Sonko lee at lee.org
Sat Mar 9 05:32:14 UTC 2013

I run Tomato firmware on my WRT54GL router and I'm really happy with it.
I'd like to find a router and firmware that will give me per-user bandwidth
stats. I think that open-wrt and one of the bandwidth packages I can get
with it is the right thing to get. But I can't figure out which router to
get. I just want 4 ethernet ports and decent wifi at a decent price. This
seems like it would be a well trodden path but I'm not finding "the answer"
quickly. Some cite reliability problems with routers, I've seen a lot of
oddly qualified recommendations. Does anyone have any solid suggestions
from personal experience?

And it seems odd that the WRT54GL still might be the best choice after
being in production for some so many years.
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