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This is why I signed up for discuss... I can only add that hacktivism Third
Mondays are a monthly event. -dru
On Mar 10, 2013 11:49 AM, "jim" <jim at well.com> wrote:

>     As a courtesy to the rest of us, those who are
> discussing this issue please calm down and discuss
> the issues without getting personal, please.
>     The issues seem to include
> * using a classroom: my understanding is that the events
>   section of the front page of the NB wiki sufficiently
>   notifies everyone of a claim on a NB space or other
>   resource. For years this seems an honored convention
>   that protects classes in both Turing and Church
>   classrooms.
> * how to handle cellphone calls? Myself I either use
>   the top of the stairs or the dirty shop, in which
>   noisy power tools are used (so why not phones, too).
> * needing a member. My understanding is that there is no
>   need for members per se; in the case of conflict,
>   anyone can ask anyone else to help resolve a problem
>   (most notably actual physical violence, sexually
>   driven accostments, and reckless behavior (drunks and
>   dopers). As a matter of excellence, people should be
>   willing to respond to such requests for mediation.
> On Sat, 2013-03-09 at 22:37 -0800, Mitchel McAllister wrote:
> > >obviously Reverend Mik later asked me if I had really said to you
> > >Maestro that the Reverend Mik should throw everyone out of Turing except
> > you
> >
> > * what the fuck? who the fuck is reverend mik and why is he/she saying i
> > ever said this?
> >
> > * again. COLOR/SKY/WORLD
> >
> > >And after that, just FYI, people know that you don't even dial a number
> > >on your phone and see you holding it to you head like you're talking to
> > >someone and they just roll their eyes some more.
> >
> > * yes danny, i bring my hasbro phone to the space and play barbie
> > bootycall...
> > * "people" know? who are these "people" danny?, are they there more when
> > you're off your meds?
> > * are they living in your beard?
> > * do they have NAMES?
> >
> > I am Reverend Mik, Maestro Douche-bag. I am the person who responded to
> your screams of "I need a member to mediate right now", when Kev had gone
> into Turing to take a conference call.
> >
> > I am the person who, trained in mediation, arbitration, and peer
> counseling, who responded, BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO MEDIATE.
> >
> > And as soon as I started asking what was going on, you got pissed off
> and ignored me. I asked you several times what your perspective was on the
> incident, while you ignored me and pretended to be talking to Danny and
> said loudly, "oh, you're on your way over? Great"
> >
> > So yes, you do go around demanding that a member be present to do your
> bidding, and once anyone says "No, you need to act like an adult for a
> change", you start screaming that there are no authorities at Noisebridge.
> >
> > As far as anyone being off their meds, I only know one person who is so
> off their meds that they have to go around pretending to be a bad-ass biker
> who has a freaking lease on the Turing room on Tuesdays from about one pm
> until after all the Tuesday classes are done.
> >
> > Since everybody else is too chicken to say it, I will. From my
> professional perspective and experience, you need to grow the fuck up, take
> responsibility for your own actions and the consequences thereof. Because
> next time I see you throwing one of your patented toddler temper tantrums
> in the space, I will be tossing your self-entitled ass out of the space,
> even if you get every member to say that it's okay if you act like a
> freaking four-year-old.
> >
> > I'm really getting sick of people acting like children, interrupting
> those of us here to actually *DO* something.
> >
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