[Noisebridge-discuss] membership application endorsement signature for rhodey by jake

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri Nov 1 03:24:09 UTC 2013

I read the consensed proposal, found at:

and it says that consensus is _not_ required for a person to become an 
associate member.  So while it will be nice to read off their names at 
meetings, i think that once a person gathers signatures of four Members, 
they instantly become an Associate Member.

don't forget that as soon as a person gathers _two_ signatures they are 
entitled to be in the space alone.  Getting four signatures means they can 
sponsor other people.

that's my interpretation of it.  Also, now that i read what was exactly 
consensed on i think it needs a lot of clarification because it really is 
worded pretty harshly.  I would rather it say something like "Persons who 
are not members, associate members, or guests of same may be asked to 
leave at any time if they cannot find a member to sponsor their presence."


On Thu, 31 Oct 2013, Lee Sonko wrote:

> >Four signatures and you automatically become an associate member!
> I don't believe that is how the proposal reads. I would have guessed that Associate Members names still have to be read at 4 meetings.  Am I correct?
> On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 2:53 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
>       rhodey there is no need to wait for a meeting unless you are going for full membership, which i encourage you to do.
>       right now you should fill out an application, put references on it to the signatures by me and alexglow on your wiki user page, and consider yourself "allowed" in
>       the space.
>       Four signatures and you automatically become an associate member!
>       On Thu, 31 Oct 2013, rhodey wrote:
>             Thank you Jake and Merlin for your endorsements :) I will have an application ready for next weeks meeting.
>             Having already left noisebridge discuss due to-- clog of signal, I agree that we should work out a better system for doing this remotely. Maybe
>             endorsements could be placed on the members wiki profile page?
>             -- rhodey
>             On 10/31/13 14:05, Alexandra Glowaski wrote:
>                   Oh! Me too! I will endorse the shit out of Rhodey.
>                   Though I don't think this method should be general-use -- clogging the
>                   signal and all that
>                   Any recommended alternatives for remote people? I got nothin'.
>                   On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 1:14 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org
>                   <mailto:jake at spaz.org>> wrote:
>                       -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
>                       Hash: SHA1
>                       i jake as a noisebridge member hereby endorse rhodey in his
>                       application for membership at noisebridge
>                       rhodey, put the subject of this message on your application in
>                       quotes and write Google this text: "membership application
>                       endorsement signature for rhodey by jake"
>                       - -jake
>                       -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
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>                       iQIcBAEBAgAGBQJScro7AAoJEN7XJK__HgSSB1xrAP/__RhEQDCrjiWKQzhClXmCFWaJ
>                       g3/__MGdUlpu4iSBKWRxI0hj74EeOyUO3qV__KD39gOaNkOFivwBcraz+__fNKEHet1gHR
>                       O2qjDof4f1OFQq3DweDtaX7hYJK+__LYdueEA4Zuov81bZRTp1W5fcnhQ3JV__kXzIws
>                       GrEnH+__NGLOTDQKOfcRccugNQDuC6aKcSTg8o__XTvbv/06nnRkNvCEUHKpSAq2Elqd
>                       /2UIvs4ihAUWko4yzvET6qj+__FKnL5wZGkCK47oKNn0kckE6sBIP7fO__uLu5njlhqu
>                       9icPcmaGiBYvSHmCdNbU/__HspABnrlLQzUszjNuzhEQWe8+__ArR175F09RWYj5H682
>                       tR/__BPlWr6CCuz5oIeRSmJfXte84gU27qO__xQtvEAril917pPQm89CHAOewRDtwA9__5
>                       lf+ypBMbnYLt+kd+__5aVpoJEgFvoIVKF8UKQMxCK11slr4Q__QM5cQZo+UduldZWQtH
>                       Y8gsqtRD6pFhkdZZ+__S4EheAbMZrG7RGYzex91RmXXO7FvLA__xyslihYTui0OFt9xk
>                       sYr1VYimU4wSIv3YGY1mRDE2rQ9d8y__mW6wwweGPq6VXqhr7EtZ9O4iXU62ow__buq2
>                       dvF7HWrZLMI5oCffvqVgWhjm3tW8LZ__+lshUT+__lzo1ANr7PQvoQQGVvGEpS3W3V3v
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