[Noisebridge-discuss] Fire non-responding board members immediately? Seriously. At Tues Nov 5 weekly mtg? & etc. - was: Re:...

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Fri Nov 1 07:15:35 UTC 2013

On Thu, Oct 31, 2013, at 10:19 PM, Norman Bradley wrote:
> The possibility of a license is hanging by a tread. I still have not 
> heard back from the board or officers. I can't file until I know the 
> answers to the questions I posted. I need to have a week to file because 
> I won't be able to get the other information otherwise.

> Norman

Soo, uh, Norman,

Maybe really, I'm serious about this,
given the sorta apparently lackadaisical manner of board operation at
if it looks as if truly having some significant number of board members 
fail to get you this vital information
might actually endanger this one really seriously important Noisebridge
radio project FCC application,

I suppose as a backup plan "b"
we might ought to give some serious thought to proposing online to the
Tues meeting people before the Nov5
that all board members who have failed to deliver to you the info
necessary to your proper completion of 
the FCC  LPFM radio transmitter license application
be immediately consensus voted removed from the nb board.

PS, Plus:  Should you & I,
as the primary drivers & leaders of this NB LPFM radio project, also be
on the radio board officially, somehow?

Don't you love last minute AdHocracy DoOCratic DoOcracy????? !!!!!

PPPSSS Pluss Pluss Hey:

Yo, & uh, furthermore,
Perhaps we ought to also consider getting that RF lawbreaking miscreant
Canadian ejected EE 
Licensed FCC Amateur Radio operator
Mitch Altman on the NB Radio Board of Directors?

He might be a convicted radio garage door flippin' criminal,
but he did manage to sneak that past the FCC & get his ham license.


Wadaya think???

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