[Noisebridge-discuss] Will you spare a Bitcoin Quid for NBs 1st rad transmitter???!!! - Re: [Noisebridge-board] Can i get a 2nd for purchase of "Noisebridge 1", NB's first radio xmttr???!!! - Fwd: Radio kits - Quality kits, Canada

Jean Noel jnl.ootsidebox at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 09:03:15 UTC 2013

Hi there!
Unfortunatly I'm not in San Francisco at the moment, but I'll be there 
and come to NOISEBRIDGE around November 23th and I'm OK for a donation 
pledge of 10$ to the NB-1 Radio Transmitter.
Feel free to remind me when I'll be in the place indeed I'll have a big 
lot of other things in mind.

Also I suggest it would be great if NB radio could be broadcasted as a 
web radio also.
This way, guys around the world can hear the Noisebridge and especially 
from France where I am at the moment.

Here is the event that I'm setting up:

Regards, -Jean Noel

Le 01/11/2013 09:29, giovanni_re a écrit :
> On Thu, Oct 31, 2013, at 11:43 PM, Andy Isaacson wrote:
>> Dropping board@ since there's nothing the board would or should do.
>> giovanni_re, you seem to have some very strange and wrong ideas about
>> how noisebridge operates.  The board, and people in authority, don't
>> actually *do* anything, and they *should not* do anything (beyond the
>> absolutely necessary).
>> If you think that Noisebridge should get a radio, then great!  Donate
>> some money, get others to donate as well, arrange it yourself, and place
>> the order.  Once it arrives (probably best to a place other than
>> Noisebridge, since UPS drivers are known to throw up their hands in
>> despair and give the package to a street urchin upon confronting our
>> glorious anarchy), build it and install it in good health.
>> So the first step in buying something for noisebrige is to volunteer to
>> coordinate donations, and then ask for them.  At no point in the process
>> should you try to convince someone in authority (like the board) that
>> they need to do something.  Especially not "write a check from
>> Noisebridge for some gear".
>> To help out, and even though I think the radio project is foolhardy,
>> I'll pledge $10 towards the radio -- now you're 1/7 of the way there.
>> Please let me know how I can get the money to you, paypal or bitcoin or
>> cash or check all work fine for me.
>> Cheers,
>> -andy
> Holy S-curve!
> A man who actually puts his bitcoin where his mouth is!
> I am impressed!
> Seriously!
> Noisebridge Radio''s first proposed donor!
> If you really follow through on this , Andy,
> I will personally put a plaque on NBs first transmitter with your name
> on it!
> (Prolly a post-it note, but I will follow through!)
> Jolly good job there, Andy, if you actually do follow through on your
> donation!
> So.
> I actually did ask about this - getting funds for some nb equipment-
> at a weekly mtg maybe a montth ago,
> and someone there gave me some priocedural advice -
> I actually read it in the meeting wiki ntes, too.
> So, there did seem to be some sort of multi week consensus voting type
> process
> for the nb radio to get some slow cash to get started infrastructure
> building.
> Thanks for the info & 1st proposed donation!
> I'm sleepy & long overdue for bed.
> More later.
> :)
> ---
> Everyone:
> Who else will have the ovaries to step up like Andy did & make a
> donation pledge??
> $20, $10, $5, its all good.
> Join in with andy & get your name laser engraved on the NB-1 Radio
> Transmitter!
> I'll step up right now & be 1/2 the man Andy is & pledge $5 right now!
> You.  Yes, You!  Dear Reader!
> What will you pledge to build a better Radio future for Hackers in San
> Francisco,
> & keep cute kids like Martin diVideo off the streets??!
> Reply to this message with your donation pledge right now
> & help make a better world for _all_ Noisebridgians!
> Email now!
> The email server tubes are open!
>> On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 11:19:13PM -0700, giovanni_re wrote:
>>> To:  Noisebridgians, Danny NB Finance Director,
>>> Norman Bradley Radio project co-director,
>>> Mitch Altman Kit building & Soldering Educator Extraordinaire
>>> + Amateur Radio licensee,
>>> Noisebridge board,
>>> NB Tues eve weekly mtg attendees, &
>>> Martin deviddo Experienced radio kit builder:
>>> I hereby move/propose that the NB financial officers & etc,
>>> be immediately requested to approve funds ASAP/ immediately,
>>> & set in motion by whatever NB process is appropriate. in this matter,
>>> Approx $72 = $62 Parts + $10 Shipping,
>>> For the purchase of one each of all the below listed kits,
>>> >From Quality Kits of Canada
>>> (Mitch's nemesis).
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