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Hi Romy,

I did the photo project hoping it would help people recognize each other
and help Noisebridge be a friendlier community. It was fun. Not everyone
wanted their photos taken; I asked permission.  Most of the photos are here,


If you like, you could attempt to revive the project!

>From my perspective the space was not sterile-feeling a year or two ago,
but there was maybe more struggle to keep it clean and keep the floors
clear. Increased foot traffic from people coming in and out has, I think,
made that harder to maintain, though having more people is a good problem
to have. The space needs to be swept and mopped every day, at least an
hour's job for two people.  People used to do regular loads of laundry to
wash the dishtowels and rags for cleanup.  Accepting lots of donations
without picking through them first means we have quite a lot of trash and
e-waste and giant pieces of wood and so on to haul away.

There is just plain a lot of labor to do.  I don't have the physical
stamina to mop any more or scrub things.

Some of this basic work to maintain the space needs money: to buy cleaning
supplies, do loads of laundry, rent trucks and pay fees to the dump.   We
may have people willing to clean but who don't have the resources.  Or,
people may not actually know how to mop a floor. That seems possible.

- lizzard

On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 8:58 PM, Romy Snowyla <romy at snowyla.com> wrote:

> Sometimes I sit at the front entrance by all the photographs of members
> and big photos of the space when people first moved in .
> The space looked sterile but also much cleaner !!! And there was such
> beautiful optimism in everyone's faces
> I like to sit there. At the time noisebridge was founded I was drawing a
> lot of comics with people
> I saw the table was created by comic book artists I drew with a few years
> ago ... It was nice serendipity
> It's sort of like seeing people when they first fall in love , before the
> house is torched and the kids wreck the family car
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