[Noisebridge-discuss] request for feedback: radical counseling event Monday

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Nov 4 00:49:46 UTC 2013

Hi Lucy,

Monday nights there are always lots of people at noisebridge, and all you 
have to do is come in and find a member to sponsor you and your group. 
That member person will be available to you or anyone in your group if you 
need a a connection to the noisebridge community or other members.

If you want to be involved regularly at noisebridge you should fill out a 
membership application form and get a couple of members to sign for you, 
saying that they endorse you being part of noisebridge.  After you get two 
signatures you can be at noisebridge without anyone sponsoring you.

If you get four signatures, you automatically become an associate member 
and you can sponsor other people to be in the space!  That means you can 
come in and have a radical counseling group with people who are not part 
of the space, by being their sponsor in the space.  You would be their 
bridge to the noisebridge community and vice-versa.


Lucy (diN0bot) Mendel wrote:

Hi Noisebridge,

I'm part of a radical counseling group that was holding weekly sessions at
[freespace][0] and is now looking for space this Monday now that
[freespace] is itself homeless.

Can we try holding a session at Noisebridge tomorrow, say 7 - 9pm? I 
5-15 people to show up.

What does radical counseling have to do with Noisebridge? I see it as
existential hacking, the yang to the quantified self yin. It's a way to
connect with another person and find understanding and inspiration.

I used to come to NoiseBridge for German club, random hellos, and a couple
times for Five Minutes of Fame. I don't consider myself a member[1], so if
someone on this list is a member and would like to sponsor a radical
counseling meeting tomorrow, 7-9pm, let me know.

If you have any ideas or concerns, let me know, too.

[0] http://freespace.io/
[1] https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Hosting_an_Event


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