[Noisebridge-discuss] request for feedback: radical counseling event Monday

Lucy (diN0bot) Mendel a.downy.hint at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 02:40:26 UTC 2013

I appreciate the helpful responses. We'll give the space a try tomorrow -

BTW, I said 7-9pm in my original email. We're actually planning on 6-8pm.


2013/11/3 Jake <jake at spaz.org>

> Hi Lucy,
> Monday nights there are always lots of people at noisebridge, and all you
> have to do is come in and find a member to sponsor you and your group. That
> member person will be available to you or anyone in your group if you need
> a a connection to the noisebridge community or other members.
> If you want to be involved regularly at noisebridge you should fill out a
> membership application form and get a couple of members to sign for you,
> saying that they endorse you being part of noisebridge.  After you get two
> signatures you can be at noisebridge without anyone sponsoring you.
> If you get four signatures, you automatically become an associate member
> and you can sponsor other people to be in the space!  That means you can
> come in and have a radical counseling group with people who are not part of
> the space, by being their sponsor in the space.  You would be their bridge
> to the noisebridge community and vice-versa.
> -jake
> Lucy (diN0bot) Mendel wrote:
> Hi Noisebridge,
> I'm part of a radical counseling group that was holding weekly sessions at
> [freespace][0] and is now looking for space this Monday now that
> [freespace] is itself homeless.
> Can we try holding a session at Noisebridge tomorrow, say 7 - 9pm? I expect
> 5-15 people to show up.
> What does radical counseling have to do with Noisebridge? I see it as
> existential hacking, the yang to the quantified self yin. It's a way to
> connect with another person and find understanding and inspiration.
> I used to come to NoiseBridge for German club, random hellos, and a couple
> times for Five Minutes of Fame. I don't consider myself a member[1], so if
> someone on this list is a member and would like to sponsor a radical
> counseling meeting tomorrow, 7-9pm, let me know.
> If you have any ideas or concerns, let me know, too.
> [0] http://freespace.io/
> [1] https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Hosting_an_Event
> Thanks!
> Lucy.
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