[Noisebridge-discuss] Heads-up: Int'l Hackers In Residence Program

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 7 08:05:20 UTC 2013

I returned from China this morning, where I was way busy organizing the Hackers In Residence Program there.  (I've got lots of cool photos! <http://www.flickr.com/photos/maltman23/collections/72157636349968593/> )

The idea is:  a constant stream of diverse hackers from hackerspaces around the world stay at a host space for some period of time (often overlapping with other Residents staying there), collaborate with people to do cool projects, hack on their own projects, and be available as mentors.

Tsinghua University (considered the best university in China) is officially starting the Hackers In Residents program.  It starts at the beginning of 2014.  And since Tsinghua is so well respected in China, the program will probably be spreading to universities and schools all over China.  And hopefully, spreading throughout the world.

The HiR Program is needed -- it is needed because education sucks!  It sucks everywhere.  It's a matter of degree, but it mostly sucks everywhere.  People are taking tests rather than learning what they want and need to live their lives.

The Hackers In Residence Program offers people a chance at real, live, actual learning opportunities.  (At universities, schools, hackerspaces, libraries, and wherever it will exist.)

Here's the deal at Tsinghua University in Beijing:  
A chosen Resident will stay 1 to 6 months at Tsinghua (overlapping with at least one other Resident), all expenses paid (travel to/from Beijing, housing, food, some stipend for daily expenses), and in return, the Resident will:
   * collaborate with students to choose projects they will work on in small groups
   * be available as a mentor for students
   * create an event (such as a hackathon)
   * suggest more potential Residents for the future
   * work on their own cool project(s) to share
   * have an amazing time. 

A bunch of us in the Bay Area have been talking about a broader International Hackers In Residence Program, where any hackerspace, university, school, community center, library (or whatever space), can offer to host Residents.  Some places, such as Tsinghua, will pay for all expenses.  Others may only offer a space for Residents to do their thing.  It is up to the space what they want to offer.  It is also up to each space what they require from the Residents.

While in China, some of us have already started brain-storming a website to start things off.

There is already a list of potential HiR people ready to start things off at Tsinghua.  But, since this is going to spread quickly throughout China (and the world), more potential Residents are needed.  So, think about if you'd like to be a Hacker in Residence somewhere!

This is just a heads up for now.  The process will become more formalized as it comes together (and spreads).


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