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C. Honnet cedric at honnet.eu
Thu Nov 7 19:06:54 UTC 2013

This is amazing !
Do you have a link to offer to apply ?

On Thu, 7 Nov 2013 00:05:20 -0800, <maltman23 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I returned from China this morning, where I was way busy organizing the
> Hackers In Residence Program there.  (I've got lots of cool photos! <
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/maltman23/collections/72157636349968593/> )
> The idea is:  a constant stream of diverse hackers from hackerspaces
> around the world stay at a host space for some period of time (often
> overlapping with other Residents staying there), collaborate with people to
> do cool projects, hack on their own projects, and be available as mentors.
> Tsinghua University (considered the best university in China) is
> officially starting the Hackers In Residents program.  It starts at the
> beginning of 2014.  And since Tsinghua is so well respected in China, the
> program will probably be spreading to universities and schools all over
> China.  And hopefully, spreading throughout the world.
> The HiR Program is needed -- it is needed because education sucks!  It
> sucks everywhere.  It's a matter of degree, but it mostly sucks everywhere.
>  People are taking tests rather than learning what they want and need to
> live their lives.
> The Hackers In Residence Program offers people a chance at real, live,
> actual learning opportunities.  (At universities, schools, hackerspaces,
> libraries, and wherever it will exist.)
> Here's the deal at Tsinghua University in Beijing:
> A chosen Resident will stay 1 to 6 months at Tsinghua (overlapping with at
> least one other Resident), all expenses paid (travel to/from Beijing,
> housing, food, some stipend for daily expenses), and in return, the
> Resident will:
>    * collaborate with students to choose projects they will work on in
> small groups
>    * be available as a mentor for students
>    * create an event (such as a hackathon)
>    * suggest more potential Residents for the future
>    * work on their own cool project(s) to share
>    * have an amazing time.
> A bunch of us in the Bay Area have been talking about a broader
> International Hackers In Residence Program, where any hackerspace,
> university, school, community center, library (or whatever space), can
> offer to host Residents.  Some places, such as Tsinghua, will pay for all
> expenses.  Others may only offer a space for Residents to do their thing.
>  It is up to the space what they want to offer.  It is also up to each
> space what they require from the Residents.
> While in China, some of us have already started brain-storming a website
> to start things off.
> There is already a list of potential HiR people ready to start things off
> at Tsinghua.  But, since this is going to spread quickly throughout China
> (and the world), more potential Residents are needed.  So, think about if
> you'd like to be a Hacker in Residence somewhere!
> This is just a heads up for now.  The process will become more formalized
> as it comes together (and spreads).
> Cheers,
> Mitch.
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