[Noisebridge-discuss] Bitcoin Class

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri Nov 8 00:59:31 UTC 2013

Hi Kinnard,

Coming to Noisebridge is a good time to meet people.  If you want to make 
sure you'll meet members who will sponsor what you want to do, a tuesday 
night at 8PM is the weekly meeting and many people will be there.

I suggest making a general announcement at the meeting and see if you can 
meet someone who wants to sponsor you and teach you about the space.

If you are already a user of noisebridge I recommend you go for Associate 
Membership status (by getting four sponsors to sign your wiki page) and 
then you can host your class at noisebridge without anyone else needing to 
sponsor you or the class.


Kinnard Hockenhull wrote:

Hi All,

I mentioned teaching a bitcoin class a couple of weeks ago. Like this

I'm thinking about *Monday the 18th of November*.

I'm not sure what the further process for going about doing this is and
would like some assistance/guidance from a member.

All the best,
Kinnard Hockenhull
Founder + CEO,
BitBox <http://bitbox.mx/>

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