[Noisebridge-discuss] bypassing captive portals

Dana dana-lists at sonic.net
Sat Nov 9 17:53:58 UTC 2013

Hey Noisebridge,

I have mobile sensor device that will occasionally need to send/receive 
a small amount of data. The application is non-commercial/research, not 
hugely time-sensitive, hardware has wifi support & runs embedded linux 
--- I am considering making use of opportunistic wifi connections.

Free, open wifi is abundant but many hotspots (e.g. public library, 
union square, starbucks) have a 'check box and agree to ToS' captive 
portal. Before I try to write something, does anyone know of a 
pre-existing script or project that can detect, handle or auto-submit 
these captive portals? I suppose DNS tunneling could be an another 


~ Dana

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