[Noisebridge-discuss] 3 weeks to FCC deadline - NB radio mtg Today, Tues Oct 1, 6-8PM - Xmtr location? Get daily NB newscast on air starting this week?

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Tue Oct 1 05:53:30 UTC 2013

You're invited to the NB radio meeting Tuesday Oct 1 6-8PM.  :)

Review from 2 weeks ago:

Norman - did you get the fcc frn #?

Giovanni: I got a list of 10 US hackerspaces from Mitch, looked up their
urls & mailing list urls, put them on the radio page ,
 but haven't had time to join their lists, write an "Apply for your
 local hackerspace FCC FM broadcast station license" email,
nor send that out.    :(    I've been too busy.

Are you a good communicator?  I could use some help with those steps. 
Would you like to help send some hackerspace emails??  Reply here.  :)


This week:

1)  Anyone care to do a daily 6pm hacker newscast?  5-10 minutes news of
the day?
Broadcast live to the neighborhood with an actual legal unlicensed

I think it would help the station progress.

2) Anyone care to build the transmitter from scratch/ schematic kit?
Care to donate some money for purchasing a prebuilt xmitter?

3) We need to determine a transmitter location!
Hams, or radio broadcast people reading this: suggestions?
Know someone with a tall building, or mountaintop?
Someone friendly to hackers who'd let us use that site for free?

4) Would you like to do a radio show?  About what?  Come to the meeting
with your ideas, suggestion s & questions .

What else should we do/  talk about?

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