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maestro maestro415 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 16:30:57 UTC 2013

well the cycle has come around again as it does @ the space. beings
judging other beings, spinning agendas both hidden and frontal,
arguing about the same crap they were last cycle, jumping on the
banning wagon, stealing shit and throwing out being's & group
projects, acting like parts of the space are only theirs and beings
need their permission to be/do things there, battles of the sexes and
sexual orientations et.al ...
WE can only hope beings new to the space don't read the disgust list
before coming to visit.
proposed constructive things for NB sans judgments and agendas:
^ before members spout off about areas of the house take a look @ the
member's area it looks like shit and has for A LONG TIME.
^ when dwelving into sexual issues and harassment be sure to do so
equally e.g. female beings harass and molest just like males do and/or
cover for others and turn out the cheek to it as well as abuse
^ establish a time OUTSIDE house meeting where everyone and anyone can
talk, scream, bitch, moan, postulate, and cry about whatever they want
sans violence. make it weekly. I like calling it #rm purge but
^ create a NB wishlist of things house needs and organize a scavenger
hunt/ $hop(if there are available NB funds) where beings can go out
together or solo and get the shit with vehicles made available.
^ cross-pollinate. if you come to sew, go to a circuit hacking or
other session etc. ^ stop trying to define what a hacker is and come
^ create a 'being is in and available to help' where you post to the
discuss list that you are at the space and available to help people
with whatever you have knowledge in e.g. hardware problems, software
problems, pc questions, mac questions, tor questions, sewing
questions, woodworking questions, RACK questions...
message ends


*~the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear...*

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