[Noisebridge-discuss] (need help) Raspberry Pi Project Idea

Zach organic_unity at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 5 00:50:11 UTC 2013

Hey everyone,
  I have a project idea of using a small 12v HDMI flatscreen I have in my car and installing a Raspberry Pi inside to use as a MEDIA CENTER!  I simply want to put a USB drive with movies and TV shows I can watch in my car.  I have NO knowledge of Linux though so Im wondering how hard this would be?  A couple Qs:

1) where can I get Raspberry Pis for cheap?  I remember at NB a while back someone was selling them for $20 (i think)
2) would this work: 


or this?


(note, I dont really care about the wifi or streaming TV abilities).

if someone is interested in helping with this project I can offer some $$, or a trade of soldering skills and/or a laptop!
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