[Noisebridge-discuss] The image we have to other hackerspaces and society as a whole

Ronald Cotoni setient at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 01:24:13 UTC 2013


With articles like this we have a massively negative image, as we should
for not adequately dealing with these issues.  I know we have all these
people who don't want things to change but do you want more articles like
this?  Do you want noisebridge to be the laughing stock (it is now) of all
the hackerspaces in the world and giving a bad name to hackerspaces.  Do
you want hackerspace to become dirty like the word "hacker"?  Lets actually
come up with creative and GOOD solutions to fix this permanently and make
noisebridge a safe place.  We can do it in TWO WEEKS (for consensus).
Lets do it!  Too bad I am not a member.   Ah well.

Some suggestions would be to have membership actually have some sort of
duties to the community.  Now this doesn't have to be a rule but you know,
to be excellent to your community would be to set a good example for
everyone else around the space.  Being present and making sure everyone
feels safe.  Have some pride in your hackerspace and help to keep it
safe.   I try to do this whenever I am in the space even though I am not a

Anyone else have ideas?

Ronald Cotoni
Systems Engineer
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