[Noisebridge-discuss] The image we have to other hackerspaces and society as a whole

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Sat Oct 5 01:51:31 UTC 2013

Sure.  Lets fix this in two weeks.  This saturday and sunday I am busy but
who wants to get together every day for the next two weeks or however long
it takes to sort out, starting monday and get this shit sorted out?  I am
free after work.  Lets solve this.   Lets talk it out, lets figure this
crap out once and for all.  We are smart people, we can do this.

On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 6:45 PM, Seth David Schoen <schoen at loyalty.org>wrote:

> Ronald Cotoni writes:
> > With articles like this we have a massively negative image, as we should
> > for not adequately dealing with these issues.
> As I said a while ago, at 83C there was a very strong understanding that
> Noisebridge should not create rules _preemptively_.  But at 2169 there
> seems to be an understanding that Noisebridge should never create rules
> _at all_.
> I think the new understanding is severely broken.
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