[Noisebridge-discuss] creating a safer environment at noisebridge

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat Oct 5 07:16:09 UTC 2013

You may have heard that Noisebridge is not a safe place for people who 
don't want to be sexually harassed.

There have been moves and proposals recently to address harassment at 

I just want to point out that the proposal on the table to ensure that 
guests are accountable to the membership (and the anti-harassment policies 
consensed upon by same) will go a long way toward preventing these kinds 
of problems from happening.

If every person who comes in the door feels as though there is at least 
one Noisebridge Member who knows who they are, they are going to feel a 
lot less like they can get away with grabbing someones ass.

So all you people blocking every effort to put accountability on guests 
coming to noisebridge (by making them meet a member, gasp!) you should 
also pat yourself on the ass (nonconsensually) for making sure that people 
can come into noisebridge with no accountability, grab breasts or buttocks 
or whatever they want, and walk back out without any trouble.  wonderful.

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