[Noisebridge-discuss] The image we have to other hackerspaces and society as a whole

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Anyone want to meetup and talk through the problems?

On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 8:11 PM, Romy at snowyla.com <romy at snowyla.com> wrote:

> Wow that article is pretty negative. I hope it isn't as bad but maybe I'm
> just oblivious....
> I've had bad sexism issues in other hackerspaces and in the tech community
> but I have had a generally good time at noisebridge .. I feel like the
> space has more feminists than most tech spaces ... It's as nice as
> sudoroom!
> I hope we can solve these issues but noisebridge is a lot more female
> friendly than a lot of other startup and tech spaces. Tech is pretty sexist
> sometimes but noisebridge is a place where people at least discuss feminism
> and sexism. I've been told countless times that there is no sexism in time
> ...
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> On Oct 4, 2013, at 6:24 PM, Ronald Cotoni <setient at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://uptownalmanac.com/2013/10/claims-sexism-and-sexual-assault-plague-noisebridge-hackerspace
> With articles like this we have a massively negative image, as we should
> for not adequately dealing with these issues.  I know we have all these
> people who don't want things to change but do you want more articles like
> this?  Do you want noisebridge to be the laughing stock (it is now) of all
> the hackerspaces in the world and giving a bad name to hackerspaces.  Do
> you want hackerspace to become dirty like the word "hacker"?  Lets actually
> come up with creative and GOOD solutions to fix this permanently and make
> noisebridge a safe place.  We can do it in TWO WEEKS (for consensus).
> Lets do it!  Too bad I am not a member.   Ah well.
> Some suggestions would be to have membership actually have some sort of
> duties to the community.  Now this doesn't have to be a rule but you know,
> to be excellent to your community would be to set a good example for
> everyone else around the space.  Being present and making sure everyone
> feels safe.  Have some pride in your hackerspace and help to keep it
> safe.   I try to do this whenever I am in the space even though I am not a
> member.
> Anyone else have ideas?
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> Ronald Cotoni
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Ronald Cotoni
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