[Noisebridge-discuss] Anti-Harassment Poster Contest

Kevin Schiesser bfb at riseup.net
Tue Oct 8 03:27:47 UTC 2013

Hi-ya Noisebridge.

Three weeks ago Noisebridge consensed on an anti-harassment policy. 
Noisebridge was tasked with hanging a poster of the Anti-Harassment 
Policy prominently in the space and creating a wiki page for the 
policy.  The wiki is up (I just linked to it from the landing page), but 
the poster is a work in progress.

Douglas and I thought it would be exciting to have a friendly contest 
where we accept poster submissions and then have the finest of all 
printed and put on display at Noisebridge.

If you have graphics skills and would like to throw your hat in the 
ring, send images to the list. If you have other ideas, or wish to 
simply do-a-craticly vinyl cut the whole policy, please feel welcome.

For a reference on the consensed upon language see 

And for the anti-harassment policy mutable markdown see 

Thanks so much,

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