[Noisebridge-discuss] Radio mtg Tues Oct 8? 6-8P? Leader? Buy xmtr kit, USA hackerspace contacts, Hiltop location. Your issues?

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Tue Oct 8 06:02:51 UTC 2013

Good news:  Our 1st 3 meetings have grown from 2 to 5 to 7 nb regulars.
This week I'm too busy to attend.
Will someone please reply here & say they will lead the Tuesday meeting,
so that others will know there will actually be a meeting?  -  This
means _you_ reply.  ;)

Accomplishments this past week:
1) Please reply here with anything you accomplished.
2) I spoke with KPFA's chief engineer for insights. Ill invite him to
come to a future nb meeting.

1) Fundraise $18 or $35 + misc to buy nbs 1st u xmtr. Ebay or jameco,
see my email from a few days ago.  Who will lead this?  I emailed Johny
Radio about him organizing a fundraisong party. no response yet.
Jeff - u want to lead this?  Ask everyone to donate $1 or more for the
xmtr?  Put donors names on the wiki & completed xmtr?

2) Norman - would you buy the 1 IC. xmtr from jameco, or the ebay one? 
I think it is very important to get this done within 1 week.

3) We need a hiltop xmtr location, so I claim.  i gota talk to SFARC
i guess.  No time.

4) Norman - will the govt shutdown give a deadline ap extension, thus
more time to locate a hilltop xmtr loc?  If we find a homeowner near a
hilltop who is a friend, that would be better than nbs roof.

5) Martin DaVido - u want to lead the xmtr build effort?

6) Contacting other hackerspaces re content - how is this going?
6b) re their FCC application?

7) Nightly news - what progress has been made?  What date can a
consistent every day 5 min broadcast begin???

8) pacificon.org this Saturday, main day, college students are free
I'm working to ask for a sat hour to talk about the FCC lpfm &
hackerspace radio.
This is a great place to learn about amateur radio.

9) What issues are hot for you this week re radio?

Best luck with meeting with no me there. :)

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