[Noisebridge-discuss] Just what is "Hacking".

jim jim at well.com
Tue Sep 3 01:03:42 UTC 2013

    The 1985 hacker's convention agreed that the term 
"hacker" does not apply to (4.) the "cracker" who 
breaks into systems. These were all computer-oriented 

    The planning meetings before NB had any spaces 
included more disciplines than just those that are 
computer-oriented, such as electronics (the most 
common) as well as various crafts and arts. 
    The intention of founding was to include a wide 
variety of people. I was there. The sense of greater 
inclusion was, and among some of us still here is, 
part of the purpose and benefit. 

    The first NB space (83c weisse) included a cooking 
area so people could fix something to eat while they 
were in the space. 
    When we moved into 2169 Mission, we set up a 
kitchen facility for people to cook meals. After that 
was set up, people began to do hacking with foods and 
other bio stuff. 

    We have had repeated strife caused by computer-
only mentalities trying to define NB as a computer 
hacker-only space and trying to ban people who did 
not fit their narrow and narrow-minded concepts. Such 
machinations create an obnoxious atmosphere. 

    Nobody should be stealing or sleeping in the space 
because that's not excellent to others. That is the 
only policy or rule for NB founding. Those who are 
helping to defeat stealing and sleeping and fisticuffs 
are doing the right thing and deserve support, but not 
to the point of narrowing the criteria for inclusion. 

On Mon, 2013-09-02 at 16:07 -0700, Norman Bradley wrote:
> Feel free to call me a curmudgeon. I’ve been called that before.
> Although my bachelors degree is in Math/Computer Science I have always
> felt that language should express ideas accurately. So I can state
> definitively that there is no such thing as a Sleep Hacker. Also the
> use of the word Hacker for things like, Food/Cooking, Sewing, and
> Music, should only be used if those involved are doing something
> completely new to them. Cooking dinner just doesn’t count.
> To quote the Merriam Webster online dictionary a Hacker is:
> 3: an expert at programming and solving problems with a computer 
> 4: a person who illegally gains access to and sometimes tampers with
> information in a computer system 
> Number 1 refers to chopping things up and number 2 refers to someone
> who is unskilled or inexperienced. So unless you are inexperienced or
> unskilled at sleep (or you are chopping it up) you aren’t hacking
> anything and you are putting the lease in danger.
> -- 
> You are entitled to your own opinion.
> You are NOT entitled to your own facts.
> Norman
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