[Noisebridge-discuss] An outsider's PoV on the Drama of rules for using a Hackerspace. With humor and logic.

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 21:13:52 UTC 2013

All the rules in heaven&hell alike do nothing lacking teeth. Sad but true.

I gently suggested a cup hook for "Tokens" to denote EARNED use of Hacker
Stacker space. No token and perhaps the stack itself deposits you on floor?
 Seriously! some mechanistic interlock- RFID??-  that if you earn use- you
get a flat place for a *SHORT* power nap but misuse gets made physically
void= shelf is hanging parallel to wall pending re-up of usage rights:}

The flat reality check is that folks who are not and likely never will be
safe to have around are gaming Noisebridge's kinder participants.  And from
that It's a tribute to how EXCELLENT of character the
Noisebridge community is.  Tolerance only goes so far before it becomes an
exploit vector! Bluntly put to avoid misreading:

There's a sea of malfunctioning folks who see the gentle folk as fair game.

Which places the next move into the ethics of Self Defense.  As in what
rules apply? Can any person in the space- use discreet signalling of
Consensus decided modes- to flag someone for what we should label "Conduct
Unbecoming Hackerdom" ?

I say we'd look at the shortest list of crash fails and be harshly
draconian on those while being gentler on the petty stuff.  The category
that warrants up to and including formal charges is any credible threat.
Creeping someone out is a warning/meeting arbitration by my logic.

Some one may indeed be so lost in coding that they make social misteaks and
cause offense to others but innocent of bad intent.

Some of our best&brightest are not socially graceful, Moi? You :}  Even
so-they are NOT a threat/not a danger.  Different rules- social graces as
opposed to Criminal Acts is my rule for handling.  We need to CHERISH
diversity so long as it's not a violence or crime scene.

The violent ones- thieves- vandals- Trespassers wanting a den up to sleep -
I see them as an existential threat to the *VISIONS* of any Hackerspace.
 and if we fumble in handling them- they win .

Folks- I can only speak for myself on this yet I'd feel shame at failure to
warn of what my life experience points are SCREAMING WARNINGS about the
danger. ... If Noisebridge loses control of who is in control- GAME OVER.
All Stops- the dream dies deader than common sense.

Confrontation that has raised voices let alone raised hands is Pure Fail if
it's OUR voices/hands used in anything but defense. Lest we become
Karmically bottom  level with our undesirables. Uplifting them to our level
is a noble goal but levelling down seems more scary as it's too seductive.

I wish we had Wavy Gravy's level of nonconfront handlers on full time duty
here. Second best is emulating those ideals. There's social services etc
supposedly with outreach to the wounded souls that conflict with others...

 I am not able to heal their damages nor is that in the charter for NB as
of yet...

Oren Beck
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