[Noisebridge-discuss] Just what is "Hacking".

Davidfine d at vidfine.com
Wed Sep 4 02:34:40 UTC 2013

Noisebridge exists and was created to serve people working with
technology, science, and DIY projects incorporating some aspects of
those (secondarily). I know, I was there. Although I don't mind the
space being used for broader creative projects, your line of thought
bothers me enough to write a rebuke.

Here's why: Language is collaborative. So what are you trying to
accomplish by using a word in a way that 99% of people don't? It doesn't
retroactively change the purpose of our hackerspace, you know. I want to
make sure you understand that labeling someone a hacker doesn't entitle
them to anything so far as Noisebridge is concerned.
Sliberjick edmonitum je sventerbochs. Only I know what those words mean,
but they refute anything you could possibly say in reply.

On 9/3/13 3:04 PM, maestro wrote:
> beings are often forgetting that the word 'hack' was stolen by the
> computer/tech community anyway as mitch always points out when someone
> interviews him.
> in some areas of the U.S. it has been changed by non-computer beings
> to 'millin' on things but this was picked up by meth-heads and used to
> simply mean fucking with things aimlessly with rarely a productive
> result (with exceptions) and without being able to put them down.
> beings have been hacking since their inception (being added into the
> illusion(s)).
> chimps hack with tools and many times better than "people".
> mayans = hackers
> aborigines = hackers
> aztecs = hackers
> incas = hackers
> inuit = hackers
> American indians and others = hackers
> animals, fish, reptiles = hackers
> KIDS = hackers
> and on...
> message ends
> _____________________________________________________________
> On 9/2/13, Norman Bradley <pryankster at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Feel free to call me a curmudgeon. I've been called that before.
>> Although my bachelors degree is in Math/Computer Science I have always
>> felt that language should express ideas accurately. So I can state
>> definitively that there is no such thing as a Sleep Hacker. Also the use
>> of the word Hacker for things like, Food/Cooking, Sewing, and Music,
>> should only be used if those involved are doing something completely new
>> to them. Cooking dinner just doesn't count.
>> To quote the Merriam Webster online dictionary a Hacker is:
>> 3*:*an expert at programming and solving problems with a computer
>> 4*:*a person who illegally gains access to and sometimes tampers with
>> information in a computer system
>> Number 1 refers to chopping things up and number 2 refers to someone who
>> is unskilled or inexperienced. So unless you are inexperienced or
>> unskilled at sleep (or you are chopping it up) you aren't hacking
>> anything and you are putting the lease in danger.
>> --
>> You are entitled to your own opinion.
>> You are NOT entitled to your own facts.
>> Norman

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