[Noisebridge-discuss] An outsider's PoV on the Drama of rules for using a Hackerspace. With humor and logic.

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 20:57:41 UTC 2013

>Noisebridge is about as suitable for duking it out as it is for
entertaining the police.

>When it comes to threats and intimidation and the person making them
>won't leave, then that is the time to get the doors open and get the
>person out, while trying to minimize harm. For that, two people or
>more should take the person out. Street fights can be extremely
>dangerous as there are no rules and no referee.

>Police are dangerous. They will attack, taze, shoot, beat the wrong
>people. It has happened many times (STFW) and to me personally more
>than a few times. The police will always escalate the situation until
>someone is either subdued or dead and I have personally been beaten
>very badly by them.

>[snip stuff about common sense, sleeping, etc]

Well-  then we have a new sort of dilemma. Turfing someone absent even the
most cursory outreach after the heat has cooled - turns potential Excellent
Hackers- into Potential Enemies.  And we need Allies, not Enemies.

I will be blunt- We can emulate those police tactics you accurately
depicted and become their failmode- or we can do better. When I made
mention of Self-Defense and Exploit Vectors if we show Kindness- It was a
deliberate challenge to see if anyone  would champion Kindness... You
showed us an impressive compromise of balanced handling/explaining WHY cops
are Rarely A Good Idea.

Here's my hand off to anyone more skilled at these things than me.

I am as said-NOT a current paying member.. But I intend to be,  Someday I
wish to live in the bay area and I want Noisebridge to be thriving:} So? I
was using a discussion tactic of seeing who would rise to the challenge and
Garrett WINS at meeting it... Still- I wish we could do better- That we had
a booklet of coupons for any healing agency to send these folks to so
they'd be reborn as our BEST members.  Our- and Their success stories so to
speak. That's the hell of it-  We're arguably not just mere
"hackers" We're supposed to be SOLVERS!
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