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Mon Sep 9 07:03:15 UTC 2013

On Sun, Sep 8, 2013, at 08:37 PM, martin deviddo wrote:
> No problem. I really want to help get this station on the air. 

Hi Martin - Great!  :)
If we all do a little bit, many hands make light work.  :)

It's my
> understanding that we need a fm signal map of mission valley. Norman
> explainedthat in order to figure out which frequency isn't used we'll
> have to go the old  fashioned way and and walk around with an FM radio
> logging the channels withwhite noise at each intersection.

Norman has been doing  great work on this!  :)

Here are some important resources for radio station info in SF:

All broadcast band radio station signals in SF:

Vacant channels & signal strength graph:

Those resoursces give a quick view of what frequencies might be

Martin - after you've taken a look at those web pages, will you please
put those urls somwhere on the NB Radio  wiki page?

Thanks! :)

 This will
> provide us the data we need to selectan unused band. I am willing to
> spend a day doing this sometime soon. The bike I have would make this
> fairly easy but tedious. I'll post results soon.
> Corduroy                                          

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