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2 History & Future of radio, & new low power FCC program.

What goes here? Norman! We need you


Low Power FM (LPFM) Radio Broadcast Stations

=== LPFM Filing Window Period Dates

The next LPFM filing window is projectedtobeaboutOctober 15, 2013. Exact
dates for the filing periodwillbeannounced
viaPublicNoticebeforethestartofthefiling period. SeetheDecember 4, 2012
Order at Paragraph 211. Notice will also be posted on the FCC's website.

Schedule: Weeks left: Date Monday: To Do:

6 9/9 Arrange 1st meeting at NB 9/10 5-7PM?

5 9/16 Arrange community mtg 9/28 Sat 12N - 6 PM?

4 9/23 9/28 Community meeting?

3 9/30

2 10/7

1 10/14

0 10/21

-1 10/28

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If Alameda can do it, NB ought to be able to do it. ;)



== Low Power FM (LPFM) Noncommercial Educational Radio Broadcast
Stations Return to Top

Low power FM stations operate with 1 to 100 watts of power and cover a
radius up to approximately 5.6 km (3.5 miles). Current information about
the low power FM filing serviceismaintainedon the LPFM page. The Audio
Division has also assembled a program to help find availableFMchannels
for LPFM stations.

Applications for new LPFM stations can only be filedon FCC Form
318duringthedates specified for anapplication filing
window.Applicationsreceived atother timeswillbereturnedwithout
consideration. We cannot provide advance information as to when the next
application filing windowperiodmay be, butwhen that
informationisannounced,itwillbein theformofa PublicNotice and posted at
several places on the FCC's website.


Sutro tower:



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