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Tue Apr 1 03:19:33 UTC 2014

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>I was a huge proponent of a kitchen space because food sciences and odd 
>nutrient forms and strange cooking tools are neat, and social cohesion 
>often forms around a kitchen. Instead, it's now a majestic pile of 
>neglect and shining example of how gullible disinterested milquetoast 
>nerds are easily bullied into passive accommodators of opportunistic 
>I'm really sad, but I'd say tear it down. Mount the countertop logo on 
>the wall for a spectacular clonk during the next miniquake. laugh 
>sadly, stop getting laughed at for this.

Alternate idea: make Noisebridge a place for hacking, instead of ripping 
out our own facilities in a whimpy, passive-aggressive effort to 
discourage non-hackers.
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