[Noisebridge-discuss] Cooking Trimmed Outsider Language

Molly Bee mountainoceansky at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 1 05:28:43 UTC 2014

Nejucomo, Noisebridge,

You have offended me deeply, having crossed, nay, /violated and petunianated/ several of my personal boundaries. I can't be bothered to enumerate them all here, because, like a mass of gnats, they animate chaos theory in a complex space-time tangle.

I'd like to bring this discussion back to being about my gender(s), if applicable. Because the more we can talk about gender being an insurmountable divisive issue, the healthier the under-gender-bridge trolls become. Also, as I am the only constituent and representative of my gender(s), it's fair to say we have 100% consensus on this motion.

Also-also, I think sarcasm is GREAT, and it fixes everything.

Also-also-also, ioerror is a quirky-charming-dear, but completely MADE OUT OF MEAT. Just like the rest of youse. And for the record, I don't believe finding a leather cock ring in a dumpster makes it "vegan" and this has bothered me for some time! And that was not a non sequitur.

And for the people I kn(e/o)w who are of the Original Flavour (tm), slump not your shoulders and walk not away! You've created a monster with Noisebridge! Well, a self-re-permutating social-science-tech project that will reiterate until it curls up and utters piteous death-mewls. But we're a long way from that-- just you watch and see. After all, this is SCIENCE, ART, and HISTORY!

Consensus works with two people, most of the time. Maybe even thirty like-minded darlings. But it ain't gonna work with les milquetoasts vs. violent, unreasonable duroki and hooligani in the vast messy melange. Passive acceptance and radical pan-inclusion will inevitably lead to "cheaters" trampling all over you, emptying your pockets, and even slitting your upturned throat. And there will always trounce along another "cheater". Just look at every co-op ever organized.

Cercen, thank you for your blunt words; a freath of bresh air around here when everyone's busy mincing words, mincing steps, and probably also mincing onions in ye olde kitchenette. Give the kitchen domain back to biohackers, making glow-in-the-dark vegan yoghurt and splicing lactobacillus DNA with breadboarded bacteria-zappers. And go back to keeping biohazards in the fridge... that might put off the freedom-fighters from annexing NB as a culinomilitary hold-out, beaconing bacon and ham radio communiques.

To whom it is consensual, I offer digitally facilitated shoulder massages.

Everyone: straighten your backs, center your head over your shoulders, roll your shoulders down and back, and get ready to face the fact that you are made out of meat, scheduled for some inevitable death (just like any organization life-cycle), prioritize what you're wanting to HACK here, with one rule: keep your blade out of other meat.

Most excellent high-fives,
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