[Noisebridge-discuss] Cooking in the space

Dana dana-lists at sonic.net
Tue Apr 1 14:37:13 UTC 2014

The kitchen was remodeled summer 2013 (and originally built?) 
do-ocratically. An ad-hoc working group met, talked about kitchen 
problems, took feedback and executed ideas: food storage was removed, 
excess dishes donated, vermin problem addressed, someone even 
volunteered to clean the fridge every week!

But I don't think the current setup is working as intended. Gregory, I 
like your suggestion of trial-disconnecting the stove. We can also 
remove food storage (again). I'm going to try to be at the space 
tonight, would be happy to help!

- dana

p.s. Worth noting: Vegan Hacker stopped using the space months ago. 
Mushroom cultivation, coffee roasting, brewing, pickling at Noisebridge 
rarely, if ever, used the stove (or fridge for that matter).

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